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My business started quite simply: I had children. Pre-munchkin, I didn’t even own a camera. Kodak disposables all the way (oh! the shame!)! Then the first munchkin arrived, and I had the uncontrollable urge to capture every single waking moment of his life. I knew that my sleep-deprived brain couldn’t possibly keep those memories fresh forever, so film would have to do it.

I did what every parent does, especially with  first children: you march them down to your local, run-of-the-mill portrait studio when your Kodak won’t cut it. The next thing you know, you’ve shelled out $100 for 3 8×10′s and a set of wallets that picture your child being forced to stand next to a big number 1.

Then, I had munchkin #2. And #3. Now, that $100 starts to really rack up, because I had 3 kids I now had to preserve in time. At that point, photography for me became an investment. I would much rather take personal photos of my kids that capture who they really are  instead of forking over hundreds of dollars for pictures that I didn’t have the rights to, couldn’t save, and couldn’t develop on my own.

What happened next…well, I fell in love with photography. It has become a hobby that I love spending time both doing and learning about. The name Bloom was chosen because capturing these special moments in time remind me of the blooms of flowers; they last for such a short period, so capture them while they last.

I specialize in family, children, and maternity photography in the East Valley area of Phoenix, AZ.


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