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Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

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Brooklyns Bday 2My little treasure turned 3!

She’s been looking forward to this for months now. Whenever she was asked how old she was, it was always answered with, “I two, but soon I be three!”.  Her birthday was sandwiched in between our Disney day and Sea World day, so we spend Aug. 13 by the sea, just relaxing and playing. In her mind, she had celebrated her birthday the day before at Disney, so I think she was a little confused that the birthday action never seemed to end!

After playing and cleaning up, we headed down to our favorite pizza joint. Its called Knockout Pizza, and it is so great. Just a walk away from our condo and the water.

Brooklyns Bday 5

Brooklyns Bday 1

Brooklyns Bday 11After pizza, we came home and ate cake and opened presents! Her cake came from this amazing, authentic french bakery just down the street. I swear I was going to turn into a chocolate croissant by the time we left for home. That place is amazing.

Brooklyns Bday 10

Brooklyns Bday 9

Brooklyns Bday 7

Brooklyns Bday 4

To my precious Brookie-Bear,

I really wish you would just stay my baby forever, but you’ve got other plans. This past year was a big year for you! You learned how to sleep in a big girl bed, started sharing a room with your best friend, ditched those diapers for underwear, gave up your binky, and found thousands of new words to express exactly what you were thinking and feeling. The only thing you have left that reminds your sad-to-see-you-grow mother of your days as a tiny face is a tattered, well loved blankie. Your personality is really starting to shine through; you are the family clown and love to make everyone laugh. You are quick to comfort if another is sick or hurt, and on several occasions have used your blankie to wash tears from your sister’s face. You love pink and purple, your favorite Disney princess is Aurora, and Tinkerbell has a special spot in your heart. In fact, it isn’t a rare occasion to see you crawling on the floor up to my feet and hear you say, “My wings are freezing! I can’t use them! Please take me to spring so they will warm up again!”. Then I have to pretend to be a snow owl and fly my little warm fairy to her warm place. You insist on matching your sister with clothing, and since you are almost as tall as her, you look like you have a twin. You have an opinion on what you wear, and if for some reason I override it or just don’t listen (Mommy is very sorry), tears erupt. You prefer skirts to pants, like any little princess should. 😉 You are independent, and we hear “I do it myself!” a lot. My favorite thing? You are a snuggler. You love to cuddle up on my lap, or crawl into bed with me in the early hours of morning. You sit on my lap with your arm up around my neck, pushing my face closer to you so our cheeks can touch. You give the best hugs and if I ask for one kiss, I usually get 10. You ask to “cuddle you” every night before bed and several times during the day.  I try really hard to never say no, because I know these days will soon be gone.

Happy Birthday, my sweet bear. We love you so much, and thank God everyday for the blessing of you in our family!



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