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Our California Vacation

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We took our long anticipated vacation to San Diego this month! We adore San Diego and had such a wonderful time last year that we decided to rent the same condo and live by the sea for a week. Going back a second time is so much more relaxing than the first; you know where everything is, you’ve found your favorite spots to eat, and you know what to expect. Plus, Brooklyn was a whole year older which meant no pack n play or diapers! Truly, this was the best vacation we’ve taken yet. It honestly would be hard to do anything else…we could go back every year!

We spent a lot of time at the beach. Our condo is only about 100 yards or so away from it, so every morning we would pack up and head down and play for several hours. London and Brooklyn just hung out at the shore line, content with building sand castles and watching the waves break over them. Jackson was much more ambitious and developed a love for the boogie board, even if it only meant sitting on it and riding it in. There were picnic lunches, games of catch, Mommy and Daddy holding the girls diving into waves, lots of sunscreen, and a million laughs. (And sand

Beach 1

Beach 9

Beach 12

Beach 14

Beach 18

Beach 19

Beach 23School had started almost everywhere in the country by mid-August, so crowds were low and we had the beach mostly to ourselves until lunchtime. The weather was gorgeous; almost everyday had sunshine by 10 and the temperatures never got above the low 70s. I mean, it really was perfect.

On Monday, we decided to head up to LA and hit Disneyland (about an hour from our condo…we stay a bit north of San Diego).

Brooklyn was turning three the very next day, so we took advantage of her being free AND got to celebrate her birthday! Of course, everyone thought that the “twins” were turning 3, so I’m pretty sure they got some extra special attention. For example. The Princesses.
First, I’ve never done the “meet and greet the princesses” thing. Its called Fantasy Faire, and you stand in a ridiculously long to meet 2-3 princesses…whomever they have on deck that day. We waited for about half and hour and were finally led in by the court to meet Cinderella, Aurora, and Ariel. I thought it was going to be a “hug the princess, take a picture, move on to the next princess” kind of thing. From what I’ve heard, that is what it normally is…but not with my girls. I’m not sure what happened, but they shut the line off behind us and Aurora pulls them up close to her and asks if they want to play a game. Brooklyn about jumped out of her skin with excitement, and London suggested hide and seek. Ariel pops over. The princesses count to 10 and the girls hide in the castle room. Then the girls got to hunt for the princesses. Conversations and hugs took place, then Ariel told the girls that she had a special surprise for them. They had to close their eyes and Ariel held their hands and took them to an empty room and let them know that Cinderella was hiding and they had to find her! I’m practically crying over the awesomeness of it all. They found her, and then Cinderella suggests that they play Simon Says, so of course another game ensue. I mean, we were probably in there for a good 15-20 minutes. It was the most magical time I’ve ever had at Disney. I honestly didn’t get very many pictures because I was just enjoying the moments with them. But here is one, lol!

Unbelievable, right? It was truly amazing. Our whole time there was great (minus a few hiccups here and there). We hit up the girls favorite ride (Dumbo) and Jackson’s favorite ride (Star Tours), with a dash of Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Winnie the Pooh, and many others in between. We had lunch at our favorite place (Carnation Cafe) and Brooklyn had a birthday cupcake! We didn’t get a chance to do the Jedi Academy like we wanted; really, you have to have two days at Magic Kingdom to really have time to hit everything. We got awesome seats for the parade (quite by accident, actually!) and had those awesome huge corn dogs for dinner while watching our favorite characters sing and dance by us. We planned to stay until fireworks that evening, but everyone was beat by the end of the parade, so we headed back.

Disney 2

Disney 9

Disney 10

Disney 11

Disney 20

Disney 21

Disney 22

Disney 28

Disney 33

Disney 34

Disney 35

Disney 36

Disney 40

Disney 41

While we loved getting the chance to go, I don’t think we will go as a part of our San Diego vacation again. We will make a whole vacation for it! 😉

Another day was Sea World (yes, we are crazy)! This was probably the best day; remember, everyone is in school so the park was only lightly crowded, which always makes theme parks way better. We got to do, and see, everything we wanted to with minimum wait times. Our favorite was the dolphin show, and Jackson got to ride the Sky Tower, which he has been talking about since our last visit (we didn’t get to go on it last time).

Sea World 25

Sea World 11

Sea World 9

Sea World 10

Sea World 6

Sea World 24

Sea World 23

Sea World 18

Sea World 15So much fun was had by all. We all had a hard time packing up and saying goodbye. Usually by the end of a vacation I’m ready to get home to our normal schedules and routines; I easily could have stayed another week or two. We are so blessed.

Beach 24


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