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It’s been far too long since we’ve made our way down to my parent’s house in Tucson, so we decided to go stay a night this past weekend! The kids were super excited; they L-O-V-E Granma and Papa’s house. They sit on two acres of land so the kids just run around and play. Dirty doesn’t even begin to describe them.

When we first got there, it was way too hot to play outside, so Papa decided it was time for a special treat: Root Beer Floats!

To say they were pleased with Papa’s treat would be quite an understatement. 🙂 They slurped them down in no time!

One of their very favorite things to do is go on rides with Papa. My parents have a few quads and a trailer they can hitch to them. They switch between riding on the trailer around the property and riding on the quad with me or Papa. Papa goes much faster than me. 🙂

My Papa (so the children’s Great Papa) loves to come over and hang out with us. These two girls hold a special place in his heart!

Granma always takes such good care of us! She has stocked the house with toys, toys, and more toys, so the children come and have something fun to do! They have an endless amount of things to entertain them while they are there, and I never hear “I am bored” once! I love it!

The huge, deep tub in the master bath is a nightly tradition when we stay. All three kids pile in the tub and make it their mission to get bubbles everywhere.

They’ve always succeeded.

We always stay in the camper parked next to the house. While its hard to see, two tiny girls are snuggled, sweetly sleeping the early morning hours away!

Jackson always rises early, even at home. It was early and beautiful outside. We don’t get to eat breakfast outside very often!

Good morning, sunshine! I love her bedhead!

We had such a great time, and can’t wait to do it again. I’m thinking once it gets below 90 so they can play outside all day!

Thanks Granma and Papa!!! We had a great time!



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  1. Takes awhile for me to check the blog! What a delight! I was looking for the new table and was delighted to find all the wonderful memories of your visit! Now, I’m going to have to send a couple pics I took. That great one of Brooklyn looking like a teenager!


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