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The Very Last Binky and a Ding Dong joke.

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Welp, its over, friends.

Babyhood in my house is officially, 100%, gone. The binky was exchanged for a phone. 😉

It really was bittersweet, even as much as I hated searching for, washing, buying, and finding those things. This was the very, very last thing. She is potty trained. Sleeps in a big girl bed (or at least, her sister’s, which we are working on, lol!).  But even though it was a teensy bit sad, it was such a relief. Its always a bit stressful giving up crutches your children have, especially when it relates to sleep. She did awesome, though. The first day she asked for it at nap (but still took one) and asked for it at bed (but still went to sleep) and hasn’t asked for it since.

Now for the story of the ding dong joke.

Not sure what that is?

Well, the children frequently like to tell jokes at the dinner table. Jackson is getting good at it, London just cracks herself of and doesn’t understand punch lines or how to use them correctly (which is funny), and Brooklyn has her own form of a joke. Instead of saying, “Knock, knock?” for a ‘knock knock joke’, she says, “Ding Dong!”. I don’t know what it is about that, but it cracks me up! She really does think you are supposed to say Ding Dong, like a doorbell! I laugh every.single.time.

I hope she does it forever.


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  1. Brooklyn is just too funny! I agree, the “baby” gone is tough. But, there is so much to find out about her as she grows! LOVE the Ding Dong. I too would laugh every time. My grandkids are sooooooo cute,creative and wonderful……well, their parents aren’t bad either!


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