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The Excitement Builds!


The house is almost done!

It’s almost a kind of torture at this point. It looks like a house. Everything is built; we have a driveway and a walkways, and locks on our doors.

We have cabinets and countertops! The only thing missing is the appliances (and the drawers?)! I cannot believe how much cabinet space I have. 23 of them. Plus a walk-in pantry.

View from the guest bath down the hallway. Schoolroom is at the end of the hallway.

Bedrooms are finished and awaiting their tenants!

View from back door in great room

View from back door in great room

Walls are painted and trim is installed…all we need is carpet!

Breakfast nook

Breakfast nook

Light fixtures are installed, including the can lights and the bathroom lights. The bathrooms are still missing their mirrors, which I’m super excited to see. One of my upgrades I chose was to have my mirrors framed out so I didn’t have to get all Pinterest-y right away. 😉

So, to say that we are excited is a bit of an understatement. We are sooooo close! The air conditioning/heating has been installed, so all we are waiting on at this point is:
-touch up paint
-bathroom mirrors
-shower in the master bathroom
-landscaping in the front yard

Maybe another week or two and it will be done! Finished! Woo-hoo!!! Of course, we still have to actually sign on the dotted line after the house is finished, and that process can take a few weeks, so we are looking at a mid-late March move in. We have been so blessed these past few weeks; we went ahead and listed our current home on the rental market and had renters within 2 days! Crazy-town! Also, these particular renters have their own washer and dryer, so I can take mine and not have to get new ones right away (even though I was kind of excited to get new fancy washers, lol!).

Its getting so hard to make the drive all the way back to our old house. We are in major packing mode and this point, which I love, because I adore purging my stuff. I am not a pack rat, so I’m am really enjoying the process of donating/trashing things we no longer need and organizing them more appropriately. I love to pack! Unpacking? Not so much.

The next pictures I post of our building project will be of our FINISHED house!!! Hooray!!!


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