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How to Eat a Cupcake {featuring London}

Step 1: Shove it in your trapper. Preferably, lightning fast. Don’t worry about choking or even enjoying it…just
Step 2: Go for the clean up, using the tongue God gave you alllllllllllll over them fingers.
Step 3: Still some tidbits remaining? Not enough frosting on just one finger? What the hay…just shove them all in.
Step 4: The thumb! Make sure you get the thumb in there, and get to the very bottom of the fingers. You never know where frosting might be hiding!

Right? I love kids. They do what we wish we could. I’d do the same thing if it was socially acceptable in my 30’s. Maybe one day I won’t care.

My sweetie pie also surprised me with a sweet photo. We were leaned in, ready to take a photo together, and she turns her head and kisses my cheek. Maybe all these years of a camera in her face are paying off…I have a model, lol!

And in this one, Brooklyn and I didn’t get the memo that it was a funny face picture. Oops.


Jackson, looking grown up and…big. Gosh, he is almost 7.

02-Jackson at Joes

London, practicing her model skills. You know, cause crazy faces are so the rage right now.

02-London at Joes

And Brooklyn. Looking sweet. Don’t let that fool you…she is fierce. She’s like a ninja. All peaceful, sweet, and calm and then BAM! A 30 minute tantrum over not being able to play with the broom. Ah, my sweet Little. You can almost sense her plotting her next move in this photo…

02-Brooklyn at Joes

Those dimples and curls…I can hardly stand it.

Happy Sunday!


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  1. Glad to see the science kit is bringing so much excitement and enjoyment! What do we need to do for this year?!!! I have his had finished and can’t wait to see if it fits! Truer words have not been spoken about Brooklyn. I think she plans in her head all the time! Loved the model pic of London too! They all have their own personalities!


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