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To Grampy, with love.




Massachusetts, 1945

Massachusetts, 1945

Dear Grampy,

Almost 7 years ago, this blog was started for you and Nana.

Being so far away, we wanted you two to feel, as best as you could, close to us. We wanted you to see your great-grandchildren more than just times you’d get pictures in the mail, but rather weekly, or even daily (if I was that consistent!). It was our way of sharing our stories with you, hoping that you’d feel like you were there with us, even though 3,000 miles kept us apart.

You were my first reader. I am so very saddened that you aren’t reading this now, that you won’t see what’s to come, but I’m so thankful that this little place on the internet has been a place for you to see us.

I can’t remember if I ever told you how much it meant to me that you would print out every single blog post and save them in a binder. How I hope that I did. It meant so much to me.

I’m also thankful that there were times when we didn’t need the blog, that you were here or we were there, and you could hold and squeeze the little boy who carries your name. Kiss the little lady who was so tiny the last time you saw her.

Phoenix, 2008

Florida, 2007

Sedona, 2008

Phoenix, 2008

Florida, 2007

Grampy and Greg, 1977

Grampy and Greg, 1977

Grampy and Greg, 1981

Grampy and Greg, 1981

I knew every time that I published something here that at least one person would see it, that at least one person was checking daily for our random little stories about our lives.

Thank you, Grampy, for all the ways you blessed us. You were so kind to us, and quick to offer assistance whenever we needed it. You made sure that Jackson had a carseat and London had a crib. You even made sure, at one point, that I had a camera to keep on taking pictures!

We miss you. I miss knowing that you are here, reading this.

A thousand hugs and kisses from your grandchildren and great grandchildren,

Greg, Becki, Jackson, London, and Brooklyn

William Malloy1922-2012

William Malloy


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