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Happy Halloween!

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Confession: We don’t trick or treat.

At least, not until this year. It wasn’t really for any particular reason; I honestly just didn’t want to drag babies around street by street. London and Brooklyn would have needed a stroller, and Jackson wasn’t super interested, so we just hadn’t made the effort. We always went to a fall festival party that our friends threw a few days before and would call it good.

This year, however, we were invited over to my bestie’s house for dinner and trick-or-treating in her neighborhood, which sounded like a blast to me! She lives in an awesome little speck of Gilbert and going out in a pack seemed like so much more fun to me. So, that’s what we did and had a BLAST! I’m glad we waited until this year to do it; all the children could walk on their own and loved going up to the houses and were so polite. It was just so much fun!

Jackson was a tornado! This one took a little thinking on my part, lol! Basically, I got a foam wreath from Hobby Lobby, some black and gray tulle, and black ribbon. I wrapped the wreath with the black ribbon and then made a criss-cross pattern over the top of the wreath so it would balance on his shoulders. Then I hot glued the tulle to the top, and the wrapped and stapled, wrapped and stapled, and wrapped and stapled, making sure to use both the gray and the black! I then put a layer of tulle over the top of the funnel to keep it all together. Stick some sticks and glue some cars and wah-la! An EF 4.

Brooklyn was a ladybug! Nana bought the girls these adorable costumes from Cracker Barrel (who knew?) and the girls just loved them. What I love about them is that they were well made, so now they are in the dress up box!

London was an angel! She LOVED this costume! Most people thought she was a princess, but she’d show them the wings and insisted on angel, lol!

Right before we went out, we made the kids take pictures (there were 7 total!). One dad commented that it was like Prom. It sort of was!

So, most people knew what Jackson was, ESPECIALLY if they were from the Mid-west, lol! In fact, we went up to one house and the woman knew right away. She commented that she was from Kansas and that was probably the scariest costume she’d seen all night, lol! One kid thought Jackson was a burnt marshmallow, lol!

The dogs finally ruined it for London. I don’t know what it is, but some people just don’t get that dogs and kids don’t always mix, especially when these kids are dressed up. One dog got in London’s face and barked, and that was the end of it for her. “I not gonna take anymow chances wit those doggies!”, she said. I don’t blame her, lol! One dog was AWESOME though. He was a white dog and his owners had put black stripes on him to make him look like a jail-dog.

Brooklyn had no fear! She’d hold our hand on the sidewalk, but when we’d get to a house, she’d demand to be set free (“I do it myself!”) and would run up to the door with her tiny “Tick oh Tweets!”. She was so cute I almost cried. Towards the end I was her pack mule, hauling her candy as she plotted her course of action for the next house.

The kids had a blast, and so did we! I honestly can’t wait until next year, lol!


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  1. Boy, aren’t they lucky to have such a creative mom! Cars, etc!!!! And such cute costumes for the girls! What the heck did people think the wings were for on a princess?!!!


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