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We stopped by the house last night on our way to dinner to check up on its progress. We were blown away! Just a week or two ago just the framing was up, but now we have walls and a roof! All the plumbing has been wired, but not electrical. I was giddy! I just can’t believe how fast its going up.

This is a view from our great room looking into what will be the kitchen and breakfast nook (the nook is where you see the window). My sink looks out into the great room (it will be where you see all that plumbing), which I’m really looking forward to. I just love the layout of this house!

Jackson and London loved running through the rooms. This is Jackson’s room. I think the bedrooms are going to be the biggest space adjustment for us; our bedrooms now for the kids are h-u-g-e, and these are much, much smaller.

London checking out the lack of view from her window. 😉 The girls will share this room, and it will be quite the adventure. London is super thrilled to start sleeping with Brooklyn!

This is the view from standing in the kitchen looking out into the great room. Such a wide, open space. We are losing 700 sq ft by moving into this house, but the layout keeps it from feeling that way. Most of the footage we lost was in the stairs (praise the LORD!), the bedrooms, and the loft that we currently have but don’t use. So, really, we will only feel the sting in the bedrooms.

Still to early to hang a “M” and a welcome mat, but here is our front entrance!

There are currently 3 homes occupied on our street, and about 7 going up around us…a few ahead of us and a few that have just been started. I’m hoping that most are almost finished by the time we move in so we can avoid most of the construction hassles (and the port-a-potty that is located right in front of my house, lol!).

We were originally told that we would have an early February move in, but Cachet recently finished a different housing project and moved all their crews to this one, so things are going up really fast. We should get a call for a walkthrough soon, and then an email/call with our anticipated close date. I can’t wait for that date to come in so we have a better idea of timing for our current house. We have so many projects to do, and at the most we have 12-14 weekends to do them (some of those being holiday weekends, which means nothing gets done)!

Which means I should get started. Off to pack a box or two! 😉


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  1. Boy, it really looks like a house! Can’t wait…..but I’m sure you guys are even more excited than I am! Being on I-10 last weekend for the truck races, I keep thinking how easy it’s going to be to get to you after you move! Got to see Alexis and hold baby Gregory and feed him for about an hour! I could have done it for 24 hours! BTW, love London’s shoes!


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