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It’s true. I’ve been absent.

I’ve been lazy about taking pictures and writing blogs.

And, honestly, I’ve been sucked into a few shows. Who watches Parenthood? I swear I’ve bawled cried at every episode. I just finished all three seasons on Netflix. #sogood.

Of course, that show has also created a maniacal mild urge to have a 4th child, simply because it looks awesome to have 4 grown up children.

Raising 4 baby children is a different story, however. That’s what I keep reminding myself of, anyway.

I digress.

Oh, also in the news…stupid iOS 6 wiped my iPhone clean. I lost everything, including all the pictures I had ever taken on it. I have no idea if I backed up to iCloud, because I can’t find them. So, I only have a few pictures to share with you in my ultimate catch-up post.

School is going…okay. We’ve hit the October slump, and thankfully last week was Fall break so we got a week off. I’m really hitting writing hard this year with Jackson, and since he DETESTS writing, he now hates school. I keep reminding him of all the stuff he is good at (like Math…he just took his Unit test that covered six weeks of multiplication and he got every single question correct!), but he gets frustrated so easily. Luckily we have some fun units coming up with Halloween {a holiday I despise, but it works well with adjectives, lol!} and the election.

Here are some of the fun units we are doing:

I found this fun little unit on tPt by Jessica Travis.

Cara Carroll is like, my favorite blogger ever. She has so many great ideas, including this one. This unit uses the books Duck for President. Grace for President, and My Teacher for President. I’m really excited to get started on it!

These fun little activities will work perfectly in Election week to use as a part of our Daily Five routine, especially writing and word work.

The house is coming along fast! We were there 2 weeks ago and the foundation hadn’t even been laid, and as of this morning most of the framing was up! Our roof is currently in a pile at the front. 🙂 Seeing it UP was awesome! This weekend we did a lot around our current home, like cleaning out the attic, garage, and having a garage sale to start the major purge of junk we have accumulated over the past 3 years. We are having to downsize quite a bit, so we have sold off a lot of furniture. We still have more to get rid of!

Fall is finally starting to show its face around here. Its now cool enough in the mornings to head over to the playground for some activity time. I was so bummed; a few weeks ago I found out that the soccer league that Jackson was on last year isn’t running this year, so no fall soccer for us! I can’t wait to get out of podunkville and move to where the city actually provides youth leagues!

Major news: Jackson lost his first tooth! I had a picture on my phone, but…arrgh. But, its precious. And creepy. For example, the adult tooth is growing in, which is fine. However, the tooth NEXT to it hasn’t fallen out yet, and THAT adult tooth is growing in, too…right behind his baby tooth! Frightening, really. I’m tried really hard to not get all crazy and worry about the fact that a tooth is growing out of the middle of my son’s mouth. People have been telling me that it happens and when his baby tooth falls out, the adult tooth will just move into place. Fingers. crossed. Perhaps I’m a bit paranoid since I sported a mad, ugly smile for most of my life and would never wish that shame on my children. I think I’m hyper sensitive, lol! Regardless, orthodontics are in his future. I didn’t get braces until I was 26. I had to live with this:

Horrified? Me too. Thankfully, Snaggles has been tamed and everyone is in their proper place after 2.5 years of Invisalign and my obsession with my retainers. {on a side note…precious baby Jackson!!!}


All that to say: my kids will have braces. For. sure. {precious baby Brooklyn!}

 AND that’s it. I think. I’ve tried some fabulous recipes lately that I want to share, but I’ll save that for another time…mostly because nap time is almost over and I need to close my eyes and breath for a few minutes before the madness starts again. 5 hours until bedtime… 😉



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  1. Well, don’t forget that Greg fell in love with that smile and it was the first one Jackson saw….and London? But, I fell in love with it too! It WAS a great smile but I understand YOU were more sensitive to it than anyone else. Sorry you lost the pictures. I don’t begin to know what all those letters and numbers mean, but I lost a year and a half of pics once on a trip to NY! Good to hear the house is coming along swiftly. At least there’s no rain in site to hurt the structure before the roof goes up.


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