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Tick Tock

Goes the clock.

It’s moments like these where I can almost hear time passing.

My boy, a week away from 6.5, sits on my lap helping me pick out fabric for his sisters’ pillows (he humors me).

My back starts to ache and my legs are falling asleep under his weight and long limbs.

I think, “this is almost over.”

Soon, he won’t cuddle on my lap. Hopefully not because he won’t want to, but because he’ll be just too darn big.

I looked over and saw my camera right there, pointed at us, as if saying, “Click. Shoot. Now, because you don’t know if there will be another.”

So I very carefully turned the camera without disturbing Giant Boy Who is Breaking My Legs, took a guess at the settings, set the timer, focused, and clicked.

This is what I got.

Tick, Tock.


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  1. So sad. 😦 My oldest is too big. He still climbs onto me, but it’s not comfortable….in fact it’s getting kinda awkward. 🙂 when was the last time I picked him up anyway?? Have you read “Let me Hold you Longer” by Karen Kingsbury. UGH total tear jerker. We always make sure to document all those “firsts”. What about the lasts?? That’s it. I’m crying.

  2. The pictures I’ve taken of “lasts” are my favorite…even more so than the firsts. I have a picture of the last time Brooklyn nursed, and it (plus now this one) are my very favorites. So much emotion tied up in those shots. 😦 Why, oh why, do they grow up?

  3. I remember that time when Chris was about 7. He was the best cuddler and I loved it. But….heavy! So, as long as I could, I sat him next to me in a chair. The only regret I have is that I didn’t move to the couch to sit because there would have been room. Now that he’s 38, there will be NO lap sitting with Mom…….even though he lost 100 lbs. He and I have great hugs and that does the job.


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