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Monthly Archives: September 2012

2 Year Pictures and a Sister Shoot


Isn’t she just gorgeous?

I mean, I know I’m her mama and mama’s always think so…but she’s super-dee-duper cute.

And now she is big.

She was super-dee-duper small. Like, 5 lbs, 12 oz kind of small.

After small, she got..well, not small. Like, 20 lbs at 6 months kind of not small. By 1…she was round and fluffy, like a “puff ball”, as Jackson would call her.

The baby is all gone.

She sleeps in a big girl bed and speaks in complete sentences. She knows her alphabet and can count to 10. She loves to sing songs, and just this morning when I went to get her out of bed she says,

“I want to dance today, Mama!”.

She has been my introduction into “the terrible twos”. I’ve never had one of those before. I thought the 3rd was supposed to be easier? The difference, though, in getting a “terrible two-er” when you are three kids in is that instead of just seeing how frustrated it makes you, you can understand and appreciate the passion that drives them.

She is very passionate.

London came along with us.

The two of them are basically inseparable now.

I think London has gone through a growth spurt, because they used to almost be the same height. Maybe now the twin question will stop? {probably not if they keep walking around like this}

Can I tell you how unbelievably blessed I feel to have two precious girls? Sisters are the absolute BEST! I’m so happy that they sometimes let me pretend like I’m one of them.

But only sometimes. 🙂

I love my girls. I am one lucky Mama.


Tick Tock

Goes the clock.

It’s moments like these where I can almost hear time passing.

My boy, a week away from 6.5, sits on my lap helping me pick out fabric for his sisters’ pillows (he humors me).

My back starts to ache and my legs are falling asleep under his weight and long limbs.

I think, “this is almost over.”

Soon, he won’t cuddle on my lap. Hopefully not because he won’t want to, but because he’ll be just too darn big.

I looked over and saw my camera right there, pointed at us, as if saying, “Click. Shoot. Now, because you don’t know if there will be another.”

So I very carefully turned the camera without disturbing Giant Boy Who is Breaking My Legs, took a guess at the settings, set the timer, focused, and clicked.

This is what I got.

Tick, Tock.

New Home Project: The Little Ladies

Photo credit: Daffodil Design via Pinterest

A few weeks ago, I found the perfect room for my Littles. Like, I fell in love the second I saw it kind of perfect.

Luckily for me, Daffodil Design was crazy awesome and wrote a post on her lovely little room that contained a source list so my less than creative self could just copy it as much as I could.

Why do I love this room so much? First, I love how simple it is, yet charming. The girls’ room in the new house is almost exactly the same size as this room, so seeing it cemented in my brain that putting the girls in two twin beds would be perfect despite the small space and more ideal than bunk beds. I am in love with the color scheme and will copy it exactly (she even gave the paint color she used!), and lucky enough for me, most of what she used came from Ikea or Etsy! Woo hoo!

I ran into my first obstacle a few days ago. These absolutely charming beds are from Restoration Hardware. Even IF I could convince myself to unload that amount of change for beds, I couldn’t; they’ve discontinued these. Sad face (husband says happy face). So, I did the next best thing without having to break the bank:

Adorable, right?! This is the MINNEN children’s bed from IKEA. I love how I was able to find something that had the basic shape of the iron bed from RH. This bed is about the size of a twin (about 3 inches shorter, 3 inches narrower) so the girls will be able to use them for quite awhile. Best part? $149. So we snagged two of them up. I grabbed two white duvet covers as well that have a bit of texture to them; not the same as Daffodil’s but similar; I wanted to stick with white so that the duvet isn’t what draws attention to the room. I already have some of the white ledges for bookshelves, I just need to pick up a few more. I also already have a white bedside table from Crate and Barrel that will fit perfectly between the two beds. So, the only thing left I have to do is recover some pillows (I already have them, I just need to pick out the accent fabric I want), make some tissue balls for above the beds (I’m also going to add paper garland), grab a few white frames and the wall mounted lights from Ikea, and of course, paint…which funnily enough won’t be until last!

Love it? I do.

Speaking of the new house, they started working this week! 


If only February would come a teensy bit sooner! 🙂 However, I am super thankful for the timetable in that it gives me plenty of time to plan, prepare, craft and save for all my new projects! That house you see almost completed behind it is a spec home and has almost exactly what we picked to go inside our home, so I can’t wait to tour through it and see what it will look like (that house is not our model…ours is a bit bigger). Such fun stuff!!!

A Tiny Taste of Fall



I mean, this is just downright amazing for us. In fact, it just got cooler. I just got back from the store and it was 68! At noon! And raining!

We are in heaven.

The children have been glued to the window most of the day. Jackson goes out occasionally to check his rain gauge.

I decided to go grocery shopping. I’d rather do it in the rain than the humidity that is soon going to follow with a 100 degree day. Yuck. I had to use an umbrella.

I had to use an umbrella.

That’s a big deal, folks. I almost forgot how they worked.



This little lady is my sleeper.

At 4.5 weeks, she decided that sleeping 10 hours straight at night was just up her alley. I worked hard to teach my children how to sleep, so I didn’t have one that wasn’t sleeping through the night by 4 months, but she rocked the timeline on sleeping, that’s for sure.

In fact, yesterday morning I heard her stirring, kind of whining, in her room around 6:20, which is early for her (she normally doesn’t wake up until 7:30/8). I go in to soothe her back to sleep, praying that she will, because she is Cranky if she wakes up too early. I walk in, she looks at me, throws herself back down on the pillow and says,

“Go away, Mommy.”

And points to the door.

My 2 year old, in a room full of bright sunshine at a completely acceptable time to arise, tells me to “go away” so she can sleep more.

If its this bad at 2, I can’t imagine 16.

Buffalo Chicken Wraps


Once upon a time, I loved buffalo.

The sauce, that is.

In fact, I loved it so much that when I was pregnant with princess-sparklepants-peanut-butter-cup-cute-face London, it was ALL I had to have. My blood ran buffalo.

My cravings were so bad that I bought a bottle of Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce and would dip my finger in it and suck the sauce off. Gross, right? Ah, what the pregnant woman will do.

Until morning sickness set in. I’ll spare you the details, but me and buffalo parted ways for a solid 2 years.

Lately I’ve been reunited with my long-lost love, and I’m so happy we are friends again. I spotted this recipe on Pinterest via Skinny Taste, and it had me at “hello”. It couldn’t be easier! It uses on of my very favorite contraptions, the crockpot. You can get the original recipe by clicking on “Skinny Taste” above, and here is what I did:

4 chicken breasts
1 can chicken broth
1/2 onion, diced
1/2 cup Franks Red Hot Buffalo Sauce
Shredded carrots, celery

All you do is throw your chickens in the crockpot, cover ’em with chicken broth and onion, and cook on high for 4 hours. Then you shred the chicken, reserving 1/2 cup of the broth while dumping the rest out (do goobers in the crockpot gross anyone else out? ICK!). Return the chicken to the crockpot, stirring in the buffalo sauce and reserved broth. Let it all warm up again in the crockpot, and then serve in lettuce cups and top with the shredded carrots and celery.

And THEN! Then I served them with my homemade ranch dressing. I love me some ranch, but don’t love all the junk in it. So, I used 2 cups of Greek yogurt, 1 pkg ranch dressing mix, and 1 cup of milk and whisked it all together. DELICIOUS! Guilt free! Good for you (in a “I’m eating dressing” kind of way)! I didn’t want to feel a bit of guilt as I slathered delicious dressing on top of that buffalo chicken. Yum.

Now I’m hungry again.

Our Week in Review

First, a pop quiz:

Who Am I?

Jackson even had a hard time guessing! He guessed right, but then asked, “Right? At least, I think so.” He can never tell them apart when they are wet in the bathtub, which I think is hysterical! Greg and I can see how they look alike at times, but even we are baffled at the endless “are they twins?” questions from strangers. Thank goodness they aren’t; I shudder to think of the hard work real twin mommies have to put in. I’m lucky that my girls are 18 months a part!

ANYway, our week! Busy! Busy! Add a bit more “busy”! We just finished our second week of school, and things are going much, much smoother! We are in a routine, and the children know what is expected of them and when. It is still hard to juggle London and Brooklyn, but its getting better. So, here are some of the things we did this week!

Dress up! Lots and lots of dress up! The girls are really into this right now, and they alternate between princesses, ninjas, and super-heros.  Whichever they’ve chosen for the day usually stays on ALL day, especially with London. Brooklyn usually just wears it for a few hours and is done, but not London.

Letter of the Week is going really well! Last week was Ee for Elephant. This particular activity has her matching up letter disks to their partner on the page. She LOVES this game, and is very good at it!

The Daily Five is working AWESOME for us! One of his centers is Word Work, and he gets to choose from 5 activities right now to do with his spelling words. Technically he doesn’t have spelling words since we are using All About Spelling and don’t have traditional lists to memorize. I found these lists online and have been using them.

We visited China this week in Expedition Earth! Jackson learned how to write and count to 10 in Mandarin Chinese, how to write his name, how to say “Hello!” and “Thank you”, and learned lots of interesting facts. For fun {yes, fun!}, we made up math problems in Chinese for each other! We read “A Grain of Rice”, which I highly recommend. Jackson loved it! This week is a short week because of Labor Day, and since we only run a 4 day school schedule, we only have 3 days this week. I have to catch up on Science, so we won’t visit South Korea until next week. Instead, we will just keep studying about China and read books like “The Story of Ping” and “Tikki Tikki Tembo”.

Have y’all ever heard of whisper phones? They are great! During Jackson’s Read to Self center during the Daily Five, he can use this to whisper to himself. He is whispering so he isn’t disturbing his sisters while I work with them, but the phone amplifies his voice in his ear, making it seem like he is speaking out loud! It is works great for having kids hear themselves read and creates an awareness of phonetic patterns and mistakes they may be making while decoding without realizing it.

We also play lots of games! This one is a favorite of the kids. Its Bingo by Leapfrog, and comes with several different options. You can do numbers, shapes, colors, etc. Jackson is a good sport and plays along with his sisters, helping them find the right answers.

We also took a field trip to the Children’s Museum with a few of our friends! Usually its pretty expensive, but they were running a summer special of $6 per person, so we jumped at the chance! The children LOVE this place and could spend hours there! When we move closer we may have to get a membership…its a great place to escape the heat and burn off some energy!

On Saturday I celebrated my 31st birthday! We went to Joe’s Farm Grill for lunch and spent the weekend enjoying each others company.

So, on to week 3! Only 33 more to go, lol!