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A Few of My Favorite Things

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Well, besides Pinterest and Amazon. Those are my absolute two most favorite places on worldwide web. I have absolutely no idea what I would do with myself if they disappeared, lol!

1. Booklists.

If you are wondering what you should read to your child, what they should be reading, and when…check out Click on the appropriate age/grade level, and buy some of those books. You don’t have to buy them from Sonlight if you don’t want to. Amazon rocks, you know. I get to read Jackson some of these awesome books this year!

The Strawberry Girl
Pippi Longstocking
Encyclopedia Brown
The Borrowers
The Cricket in Times Square
The Door in the Wall
The Mouse and the Motorcycle
The Story of Dr. Dolittle
The Boxcar Children 1-4
just to name a few!!!

2. The Hair Bow Company

I use to make the girls hair bows, mostly because it was so expensive to buy them from boutiques or stores. Then, I found The Hairbow Company. Great bows! Super cheap! My fingers thank me for not burning off my fingerprints with hot glue. Shipping is a bit steep, but the total cost is the same (or maybe less) than me buying the materials and taking the time to do them on my own.

3. My laminator.

Best.thing.ever. Amazon also has a pack of 100 lamination sheets for $17.

5. The blog Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour.

Awesome recipes created by a teacher who doesn’t have hours to spend on dinner. She is adorable and Texan and a phenomenal blogger (her blog, The First Grade Parade, is one of my favorite educational blogs). She also has cute little crafts and home decor tips. Check it out…you won’t regret it. I’m trying this next week…yum, yum!

6. Naptime, which happens to be right now. But before I leave you, here is an update on how our first week of school is going.

Do A Dot letter A page. She rocked this!

Number matching. She loved this and did it without needing any help!

London is doing AWESOME with Pre-K! The hardest thing for her right now is just learning the structure and routine of school. I don’t force her to do anything and we just work on stuff until she has decided to move on with her day. I usually have her entertained and working well for about 30 minutes, which is perfect for what we need to do. As for the material, she is excelling! This is one of the those times where she is letting me know all that she knows; she isn’t a showboat like Jackson and keeps what she knows a secret until it just pops out. 🙂

As always, Jackson is loving his work. He is really digging the independent work schedule created by using a workbox type system.

As the week moves on, things are getting easier. I love how productive we are on a schedule, and it feels good to be back into learning again!


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  1. I just bought a few of those books for Camdyn to read this year! I’m so excited to be reading some of my childhood books with her! Looks like your school year is going to be fun…I know ours will be!

  2. Had to stop by and say ‘hi’–miss you! Looks like things are going well in your corner of the sky. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, roomie 😉


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