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Water Balloon Disaster

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‘What could be so disasterous about water balloons?,” you may ask. ‘Looks like fun!’, you may say.

Don’t get me wrong…it WAS fun. However, this little family fun event turned into the most expensive water balloon family night in the history of ever.

On Friday, Jackson started reading a book called Jake Drake, Bully Buster. He loved it, and read all 10 chapters in a day in half. It was adorable…he carried that book with him everywhere and would read whenever he got a chance. After finishing it, we have this conversation:
J: Mom? You wanna know something that happened to Jake that I really wish would happen to me?
Me: What?
J: He got hit by water balloons! I’d LOVE to be hit by lots and lots of water balloons!

Luckily for me, this was a dream easy to bring to fruition! I had hundreds of water balloons tucked away for a moment such as this, so Greg and I decided to surprised Jackson with a water balloon fight after dinner last night.

It was great fun!

I took a few pictures, ran inside to put the camera down, and then closed the sliding glass door behind me as I booked it outside to join the fun.

Now, in our sliding glass door we have a bar that we lay down in the track so, after its locked, if someone tried to break in from the outside the door could not be opened. When I closed the door, the bar must have fallen down into the track.

Tracking with me? 110 degrees. 5 people. Locked outside.

Our front door is also a security fort, as we have extra reinforcements on the door that are secured from the inside. Meaning…no locksmith would be able to let us in that way, either.

At the time, we really saw no other option. So, we grabbed a leftover paver from our backyard reno and Greg got to do something he thought was cool: break a window.

Glass was everywhere! Ev.ery.where. I have absolutely no idea how much it is going to cost to repair. I don’t know if we can just replace the glass or have to get a whole new window.

The kids, of course, thought it was awesome. I filled up the pool and they played in their clothes while Greg and I gave ourselves one more project to do on this house. Yeay them. Boo us. 😉


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  1. Sorry for you… but that sounds like an AWESOME ADVENTURE! The kids must have been thrilled! Dad was a hero! Yeah, I don’t think the downside of costly repairs even compares to the upside of how much fun you guys must have had!! 🙂

  2. I bet Jackson and the girls were super excited! It looks like they had a blast! Sorry to hear about the window. That is a bit of a bummer in the midst of such a great event. I hope you can get it fixed at a reasonable cost.

  3. Oh no! So sorry that you had to bust your own window! FX that it’s an easy fix and you won’t have to replace the whole window!


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