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3 weeks shy of her 2nd birthday, Brooklyn Elle moved out of her crib and into a bed.

Like her sister, the transition was easy as pie. Her crib was in a room with a queen bed, so we just moved her over. Its a HUGE bed for such a wee lass, and she hasn’t figured out how normal people sleep.

For example, she treats it like a huge, luxury crib. I’ll put her to bed on her pillow up at the top, but when I go to check on her at 10 pm, the game is trying to find her on the bed. Sometimes she’s fallen asleep at the bottom, arms and legs stretched out like a starfish. Other times she’s curled in a ball in the top left corner.

I think its because she was moved into such a big space. A toddler bed, or even a twin bed, wouldn’t have given her so much space to roam. But, I wasn’t wasting money on a toddler bed since she is already to big to sleep comfortably in it. We are saving up to buy the girls a bunk bed to share in the new house, so I wasn’t going to spend money on a twin right now. So, the queen for a queen, apparently. 🙂

Luckily, when I move her back to her pillow before I go to bed, she seems to stay put until the morning. I think she just plays and then falls asleep wherever she happens to be! It was such an easy transition for her; no tears, no crying, no getting out of bed. You just put her in and she stays! And sleeps!

Bittersweet for me, though. The crib is gone. Not technically; its a lifetime crib, so we can use two of the pieces for a headboard and footboard, which happens to fit London’s mattresses which will be Jackson’s mattresses when we move. Follow? 😉

Now, I tried to do the whole “sneak in and take pictures of her sleeping” thing. Didn’t happen. Not with siblings clambering around, waiting for her to wake up.

That’s okay. This picture is super sweet. My children are friends. They love and care for each other.

Fills up my heart with love. *kairos moment*



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