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I’m spilling the beans, officially.

We are building a new house!

(See? I couldn’t even contain myself for more than one sentence. No suspense, no mystery.)

We’ve officially been in this home for 3 years now, which means we can leave. This was a great first house for us, but the location is less than ideal. Greg has a 1.5 hour commute 3 days a week, and an hour the other two. We are 10 minutes away from any stores, and 30 minutes away from the rest of them. I’m 30-40 minutes away from most of my friends and any activities they plan.

We are soooooo ready to move!

So! The house! Its in Chandler (hello?!?!? AWESOME city!) about 15 minutes from Greg’s job. It won’t be finished until sometime in January (boo!). We are downsizing a bit, which I am thankful for. Our house is too big. We have space we don’t use. Also, the new home is one floor! ONE! FLOOR! No stairs! Hallelujah! So, we are moving from 2700 sq feet to 2100, but I’m completely fine with that. It’s 4 bedrooms, but we are turning one of those bedrooms into the schoolroom and having the girls share a bedroom. We are across the street from a public library and aquatic center, which I’m really excited about!

While I don’t have any pictures now, I’m sure I will soon. I’m not sure when they will break ground; probably within the next 3-4 weeks. I’ve been busy picking out carpet and tile and lighting and all the other little details you get to do when building a home!

In the meantime, you can click HERE and see what the house will look like! In the virtual tour, our home is Model 203, except we added a 4th bedroom. If you look at the floor plans, we are model 204. The pictures of the homes are towards the end of the virtual tour; for some reason there are lots of pictures of the community!

Stay tuned! šŸ™‚


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