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This is about the time of the year when the Phoenicians wake up, look around, and wonder if they were somehow transported to the surface of the sun while they were sleeping.

We hibernate. We stay inside. We only venture outside if there is a body of water nearby, swimsuits on, and sunscreen slathered.

Unless, of course, you have in your possession a cardboard box with a hill nearby. Then…and only then, do you venture out in 110 to see how much fun you could have.

You can have a lot of fun. Hot, sweaty fun…but fun nonetheless.

But why stop there? I mean, we can see the park! We are already hot and dehydrated, sweaty and stinky…I know! Let’s add sand and hot plastic into the mix!

It seemed like we were out there forever, but it was only like 10 minutes, lol! The kids were red and hot and sticky, so we took them inside. Filled their bellies with water, gave them a good bath, put on Tinkerbell, and popped some popcorn.

Yesterday morning, Jackson caught a lizard.

This lizard had actually been living in our house for…well, who knows how long. We noticed him the night before, but he had darted underneath our couch. In the morning, Larry the Lizard got brave and attempted a tour of the premise, which quickly found him in the cage of a tupperware, then the hands of a 6 year old boy.

Poor Larry.

After Jackson tortured played with Larry for a bit, he set him free. Larry was a bit traumatized, so he just hung out on the porch, which meant Jackson could further inspect him. It was quite hilarious seeing Jackson and Greg hovered over the computer looking up facts about this lizard, with Jackson running over to look at him every few minutes to find descriptive features.

Thanks, Larry, for your sacrifice for science.


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