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The 2nd Grade Graduate

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Most children who graduate from the 2nd grade are about to celebrate their 9th birthdays. 9. I can’t even imagine what Jackson will be like at 9. If you would have told me when he was 3 that by 6 he would start the 3rd grade…crazy. That’s just crazy.

We finished up our year yesterday afternoon! For his “Job Well Done!” gift, he got a Razor scooter, which he LOVES. Jackson excelled in the 2nd grade! Math and science were his favorites, and he easily breezed through those. Reading was slow this year; he can read at closer to the 4th grade level, so he was quite bored with the books he had. That’s okay, though…I really want to make sure that his comprehension is at the same level of his reading ability. His 3rd grade readers will be perfect for him next year; easy reading, but right where he needs to be comprehension-wise. Writing was a struggle; that is our project for this summer. We will have a writers workshop every week, focusing on a different type of literary genre, in hopes of getting him closer to the grade level of his other subjects. This is why home school is so awesome; I can personalize his learning atmosphere just to him!

Can you guess where we went for dinner? Jackson’s favorite dive, Joe’s Farm Grill. Big surprise! 🙂 Jackson brought his new scooter and whizzed all around that farm. We are hoping this little scooter gives him the confidence he needs to trust his balance on a bike!

My tiny Little (by the way, I call the girls “The Littles”) has decided that she is too big for highchairs. I guess she’s right; I mean, by this point, my other kids were out of highchairs and at the table.  You know what this means? We have to buy a new dining room table and chairs. Adding a 3rd child has become quite costly, lol! Bigger car and bigger table!

I love this photo. Jackson a step ahead, zooming fast; London, running like a diva; Brooklyn, just trying to keep up; and us, just watching it all.

My children are growing so fast!

So, on to preparing for 3rd grade! London also starts preschool this year, so I’ve got double the planning to do. Perhaps I shall rename my blog “The Circus Act”, because that’s what I’m gonna be running around here!


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  1. Great post and adorable kids:)


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