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Our Intentional Summer

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Pinterest has changed my life. Really.

So many people refuse to sign up, claiming its a time waster. True…it can be. But can I tell you the thousands of ideas that have made their way across my page? Literally…thousands. I’m a better teacher because of it. I’m a better organizer. I really think that I’m a better mom because of it (at least, when I’m not ignoring their demands as I’m perusing Pinterest).

This is the product of one of the incredible ideas that I came upon recently:

Our Intentional Summer Plan! Rather than just coast through our summer, I wanted to make sure that we were grabbing up moments and turning them into memories. So, for the next nine weeks, we have:
Make It Monday:  Do a craft or science experiment. This was easy to plan! We have all kinds of fun things lined up, like Fly Swatter Painting, Elephant Toothpaste, and Cat in the Hat Jello!

Tell a Story Tuesday: read a book and retell it (have to sneak learning in somewhere, right?). Some weeks have themes; for example, the week of 4th of July we will read books about…well, the 4th of July!

In the Word Wednesday: Family Worship. We have an awesome book we use titled Training Hearts, Teaching Minds.

Thoughtful Thursday: Service Day! We are doing things like bringing donuts to our church staff, muffins to our librarians, and crayons and coloring books to the Children’s hospital.

Family Fun Friday: Greg’s schedule allows us to have the mornings to play! So, we have fun things like a breakfast picnic in the park (that way its cool enough to play!), the Children’s Museum, and the pool all lined up!

I’m so excited to start this next week! What are your plans for the summer?

A lot of great ideas came from My Mix of Six and What a Ride!, especially the service ones. The original idea came from ThePoeFam, and I highly recommend you stop by her blog! She seems like my kind of gal!


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