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Solar Fun.

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While we were all in the backyard playing, watching the solar eclipse, I decided to grab the camera and try and catch some moments. I haven’t picked up the camera in a long time (for me, anyway), so it was nice to just sit and catch the children playing. Of course, my children are camera hams and make it super easy to get sweet pictures.

These eyes. I can rarely say no them them, especially when tears are spilling out the sides of them. My precious London…you can almost feel the her tenderness in the air.

She loves to take pictures. I love to take them of her.

She is 3, otherwise known as “The Pouting Year”.

Brooklyn and Jackson are currently buddies. Jackson adores his “cute ball of fluff”.

So grown up. Where did my baby boy go?

Her eyes are so blue, they almost glow. Ignore the head wound above her eye; Wayward Straw 1; Brooklyn 0.

In case you are wondering, I have a hard time saying no to this one, too. I do it…but its hard. 🙂

After we caught the eclipse (see post below) and played in the sandbox, we hosed them off and corralled them inside. That’s what nice about the summer…forget baths. A hose in the backyard works just fine. I have NO idea what happened, but I somehow didn’t get pictures of that. Oh, wait…I remember. They were naked. That’s why, lol!

It was a great summer evening.


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