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New Years Eve 2012

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I really can’t remember the last time we actually celebrated New Years.
We are far too old for that. We have three children. Staying up until the wee hours of the morning is just out of the question.
This year, though, we threw caution to the wind and invested in coffee. We invited some of our friends over for a fun little get together, and before we knew it, it was midnight!!!
Knowing the next morning would be…errr…difficult for everyone, I made Pioneer Woman’s delicious homemade cinnamon rolls for everyone to take home. If  you are looking for a cinnamon roll that will rock your world and make you party like its 2012…check these out.
I also had the (not so good) idea of putting chalkboard paint on wine glasses for people to write their names on. A few things about chalkboard paint:
1. You are supposed to wait 3 days before you actually write on it. I painted on Friday. Party on Saturday. FAIL.
2. It can’t get wet for 7 days. Cold drinks=condensation=wet=paint peeling off. FAIL.
If I would have known that chalkboard paint was more finicky than a newborn, I would have…uhhh…still used it ’cause it looked awesome, but done a bit of research. Oh well. Live and learn.

A fun highlight of the evening was Hitomi’s noodle dish. Hitomi is Japanese and has traditions on New Years. One of those is eating this fishy noodle dish that my mind has blocked the name of.
Hitomi, I love you. You are my bestie. I am in complete jealousy of your ability to yell cool Japanese phrases at your children in the playground.
But I don’t do fishy noodles.
The laughing was fun, though.

Thanks to all who came! We had a great time! Here’s to 2012!


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  1. After reading your post, I was curious if you went back and tried these glasses and waited the full 7 days before using? I am thinking about making them, but I wanted to see the results other had before I tried. Thanks!!

    • Hi!
      I never have tried it on the glasses, but I have used the chalkboard paint on other surfaces and waited the recommended time with excellent results. I really do think that they would work quite well if you wait a week before using them; I’m fairly sure that the condensation is what ruined mine; the paint wasn’t dry enough to hold up against the moisture. Hope that helps!


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