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The Big Move!


A Tale of Three Cities has a new home over here on WordPress! Perhaps you are wondering why I’ve moved websites. There are a couple of different reasons:

1. I wanted to add more content to my blog and make it easy for you to find it. That was pretty much impossible with my old blog, hence why I moved over to a different site. If you look above, in the toolbar you will find main tabs that will easily link you to specific categories I write about. Some have subcategories, like “The Kids” and “Recipes” to easily link you to whomever and whatever you’d like to read about. Pretty nifty, huh?

2. I was able to have a specific website name that didn’t include “”. So, my new address is I like it. 🙂

3. This server has better photo capabilities. It is easier to add and move photos around in my posts; this is probably the biggest reason why I made the switch!

So, I’m still a bit under construction as I move and tweek things around, but I’m SO BEHIND on posts that I had it get it started! 🙂 Look for family pictures, Disneyland trip, and Christmas coming soon! 🙂



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  1. wow. i just read your ENTIRE blog from beginning to end. 🙂 hahaha. one day i will make a move, too. love the new “home”.


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